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40 Oz. Pimp: An Unknown Man (Of Mystery) | CB109
Time-length-icon 1h 24m
Publish-date-icon October 11, 2015
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We experience the Curse of the 40 Oz Pimp, again, but this time we've got a secret weapon. Listen as we break the curse and talk to the 40 Oz. Pimp about seedy characters stealing from him and cooking him grilled cheese sandwiches, his new job, and the town Constable raiding his house for fugitives. 40 also explains some of his controversial lyrics, and assures us he is not promoting child abuse.


Curse of the 40 Oz. Pimp

40 Oz. Pimp | Chris Brake Show CB109

Every time we have 40 on the Chris Brake Show, it's always a travesty trying to get him on Skype. Every time. This time it was so bad that it spilled over into the live show! We had to tap into 40's computer and log into Skype for him. Thanks to DeskRoll.com for their awesomely-easy software.


40's Top Three

40 wanted to come on the show to talk about three things“The retards, the new job, the new album (CP5)." And yes, we know the word 'retards' is offensive, just like most of the things 40 says.

The Retards


40's found himself in a bad situation. Apparently "the retards" refers to some seedy heroin users who have been coming over to 40's house, cooking him grilled cheese sandwiches, and stealing cash from secret hiding places. We get 40 to reveal the secret hiding place live on the show, and you won't believe where it is.

The New Job


40's got a new job at a tattoo shop called Evolution, but it's not what you'd expect. Or maybe you would expect it. But I know I sure didn't. 

The New Album (CP5)


40's writing songs and doing cardio to get ready for some shows. 40 tells us about one of the new tracks, "The 40 Oz. Bounce”.


40 Oz. Pimp Links


Check out 40 Oz Pimp on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The40ozPimp


Other Topics

We represent the Strange Label shows by reading the entire StrangeLabel.com live schedule. And we hear more about the Girl at the Gas Station who has been freaking Chris out regularly lately. She's turned up the heat and is now weirder than ever. But in a weird way.

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